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Zwi Steiger - March 27, 1982


Zwi Steiger was born on January 17, 1922 in Velký Berezný, Czechoslovakia. After finishing his education in Munkacs at the age of sixteen, Zwi joined the Czechoslovakian army. During the Hungarian occupation he was taken to work in several labor camps. In 1944 Zvi escaped from a labor camp in Romania and hid in a forest for three weeks before being picked up by two Wehrmacht soldiers. The soldiers let him go and he made his way through Transylvania back home to Velký Berezný to collect his remaining belongings. Zwi then stayed in Cluj and Prague while attending medical school before moving to Israel to be with his brother. While attending a medical training seminar in the United States, he met and married his wife Amelia.

  1. Introduction
  2. Family
  3. Extended Family
  4. Hungarian Invasion
  5. Life Under Hungarian Occupation
  6. Religious Life
  7. Jewish and Gentile Relations in Velký Berezný
  8. Education
  9. Education II
  10. Joining the Local Militia
  11. Trying to Leave Slovakia
  12. Being Drafted into Labor Camps
  13. Sensing Doom
  14. Being Beaten Up
  15. Labor Camps
  16. Life in Labor Camp
  17. Life in Labor Camp II
  18. Family Sent to Auschwitz
  19. Beginning of Jewish Deportation
  20. Trying to Escape
  21. Brother Moves to Israel
  22. Escaping Labor Camp
  23. Going Back Home
  24. Collecting Belongings from Home
  25. Learning Fate of Family
  26. Learning Fate of Family II
  27. Going to Medical School
  28. Surviving Family Members
  29. Learning Fate of Family III
  30. Leaving Czechoslovakia
  31. Leaving Czechoslovakia II
  32. Moving to Israel
  33. Starting a Family in Detroit
  34. Wanting to Fight in the War
  35. Resistance
  36. Life After the War
  37. Receiving Grandfather's Record Book
  38. Nightmares
  39. Attitudes Toward Israel
  40. Opinions on the United States
  41. Meeting Future Wife
  42. Religious Attitudes
  43. Religious Attitudes II
  44. Conclusion

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