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Zwi Steiger - March 27, 1982

Extended Family

Okay. Did you have an extended uh, family in the area besides the immediate family that you've described?

Yeah, my father had in the--in town, in the village--or in the small town, had a brother who was married and he had two--he had three children, one boy and two girls. Then he had two sisters who were married and had extensive families. My mother had two sisters with uh, with uh, children, both married.

All in this immediate area? All in Velký Berezný?

Yeah, yeah. And my mother had a, a brother that was married and children there. And in the vicinity another brother with a, with a family.

Can you approximate how many in this...

In this...

...extended family that you've described?

There were uh, probably in the vicinity of uh, sixty people that--some I uh, some lived about uh, twenty-five, thirty miles away. And uh, most of them, like my brothers--my father's brother's family, nobody survived. My mother's younger brother's family uh, none of them survived. And my mother's two sisters' family, their children or their husbands, none of them uh, survived. And my, my--the--another sister of my mother, some of their family made it or survived and again, from my father's side uh, some of them survived. But most of them didn't.

Of the approximately sixty, how many survived?

I mean, of the six...this is uh, I would say about ten, fifteen survived. I always--my--about fifteen survived. I--personally I feel bad because I, I mean, I, I should have done my own taping for years because as uh, things appear in my mind and uh, there was a time when I, when I had all of them in my mind and, and uh, remembered their names. Today some of the names I don't remember, like some of the children of my uh, my uh, mother's sister's children. I don't remember their names.

And they're not written down anywhere?

They are not written down anywhere, no. And then, uh...

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