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Zwi Steiger - March 27, 1982


And uh, did your parents already have other children, you were born?

I had an older brother at that time. And after me I had uh, two younger sisters that uh, died in childhood, and--that I remember--and one younger brother who didn't survive the, the Second World War.

Could you tell the names of your brothers and sisters.

Uh, my older brother was uh, Dov, who lives in Israel.

What was his name in...

Bill or Beri, Bernard. And my younger brother was Jacob, Yakov who was five years younger than I. And the two sisters who died in childhood was--if I remember, was Mendel or Minda and uh, Rivka.

And approximately how old were they when they died?

They probably died at the age of two and one or--within a short period one after each other. I think they died from some infectious disease at home. And I have a recollection, it's amazing that...

Approximately how old were you when they....

I was--I couldn't be older than three years. And um, that uh, I remember them and I remember when they died because uh, I remember who came over to uh, for minyan.

For shiv'ah.

For the shiv'ah and in the evening for, for uh, prayers. And one was your uncle uh, ??? I think was his name. It was--he lived right next to your house, and I remember him. I have him in my mind, playing the...

And uh, Jacob was five years younger than you, did you say?

Five years younger. He was uh, probably seventeen years old--oh he was seventeen years old when he, when he died--was killed during--it was the end of the Second World War in--probably in April or May of 1945.

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