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Adele Sandel - [n.d.]


Adele Sandel was born in Medzilaborce, Czechoslovakia. After the war broke out, Adele avoided being sent to do forced labor by pretending to have tuberculosis and later going into hiding in her home. When the family was forced to leave Medzilaborce, they moved to Dobsina where they stayed until the Germans approached. Fearing the Germans, Adele and her family went into hiding in the forests, eventually settling in a bunker outside of Brdarka where they lived until liberation. After the war, Adele started a family in Czechoslovakia before moving to the United States.

  1. Introduction
  2. Facing Restrictions
  3. Relations with Gentiles
  4. Life at the Start of War
  5. Hiding Contraband
  6. Germans Request Forced Laborers
  7. Avoiding First Transport
  8. Hearing About Auschwitz
  9. Avoiding Second Transport
  10. Moving to Dobšina
  11. Life in Dobšina
  12. Germans and Russians Approach Dobšina
  13. Hiding in the Forest
  14. Hiding in the Forest II
  15. Hearing of Friends' Bunker
  16. Arriving at Bunker
  17. Finding Shelter in Brdšrka
  18. Life in the Brdšrka Bunker
  19. Liberation
  20. Life After Liberation
  21. Sister Returns
  22. Life in After Liberation II
  23. Life in Košice
  24. Learning Fate of Friend
  25. Married Life
  26. Life in the United States
  27. Resistance
  28. Reflections
  29. Mother Passes as Gentile
  30. Reflections II
  31. Thoughts on Life in America
  32. Memories
  33. Sharing Story
  34. Conclusion

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