Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Adele Sandel - [n.d.]

Sister Returns

And, all of a sudden my sister came. Somebody brought her. She took cars and uh, and uh, trains and wagons from that city where she was to that city where we lived. It was about a seven, eight-day journey. She didn't hear from us that we were alive and we didn't hear from her that we were alive. My mother begged her out from God. She was screaming outside in the yard. Do you know Jewish?

Sure, I speak Yiddish.

??? Hear my words. It's already forty years. How many years um, not quite--I hear her screaming in the night. In the night when the stars were out she, she went out in the back yard and she was screaming and begging God that He should bring back her and she came back. And, we were all five in one bed. My father didn't believe that she, she, that she is, you know--she had to pinch her all the time to believe that she is. And, my mother took that half an onion and we were celebrating with that. We made a party with that half an onion the next day.

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