Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Adele Sandel - [n.d.]


Uh-huh. Okay. Now is there anything else you would like to say about before the war, during the war or the liberation? Anything else that you would like to say right now? Anything else that comes to your mind immediately?

What I would like to say during the--so, I really just told you um, in a, in a very, very few sentences how it was. Uh, the whole thing--if I, if I could write and um, I could write a book nobody would read it anymore because so many books came out. But, everybody who, who were liberated from this Holocaust has a two, three books to write about all these things.

Now do you, do you suffer from any physical illness as a result of your experiences in the Holocaust?

No, on the contrary. I, I became very strong because I figured that I have many beautiful and smart and rich friends. They were smarter and more prettier than I was and they went into ashes and I am here and I have the opportunity to see and raise, raise a child and I have three grandchildren and I see that beautiful world and um, I, uh, I mean alive in itself is beautiful. I am very grateful that I, I am alive and um, I became very strong um, you know, and very appreciative.

Many people say that there seems to have been no reason the--sometimes you would see strong, big, husky people go before the thin, weak people--they would die before them--and other times you would see the thin, weak people die before the strong, husky people so there seems to have been no reason--no logical reason why--which people should die, which people should not. It--some people uh, such as myself and perhaps you, the only explanation you could have is that it is from God's hand. That there is no other reason why people were saved, only from God's hand uh, because when you see strong people die before, then there is no logical reason. You can't say strong people die...


...the weak people don't.

No. It was only luck.


If you believe in, in, in Riboyne Shel O'lem that He wanted you to, you know, really, because I just told you one percent of the circumstances just um, the--a few main miracles what happened how we got saved.


And it is so unbelievable for a person who you sit across and you, you, you think to yourself, "Look, that it is impossible she is lying." But--and everybody has these stories. It was like here were the German and here were--if he saw you, you were, you were killed and if he didn't see you, you, you, your--time was the biggest um, time was the biggest treasure. You know, you--my father was always looking for time ??? because we knew that in the end we will be, you know, so you just bought time, you know.

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