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Adele Sandel - [n.d.]

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And, uh, are you uh, how are your feelings about talking about Holocaust? Uh, tonight you did a very good job in talking about the Holocaust.

I did?

In general, do you--generally, are you--can you talk about your experiences?

Not any more. We used to when we came to this country. That was our major uh, major um, when we got together, you know, with our friends and relatives that's what we talked about. Everybody said and everybody uh, said their stories and, and how they were saved and what they did and what--how was it. So, they listened for a time and they listened and they listened twice and ten times and twenty times. Then, we found out that they were sick and tired of it.


And then, we slowly, slowly stopped and for years just when we get together with our friends sometimes we reminisce, you know. But uh, what, what I used to--I, I just don't even like to go and see a movie. I used to in the beginning, not any more. Not anymore. It, it brings back too many terrible memories and what's the use?

What about, what, what about seeing a movie causes you to have these feelings? What is that with a movie?

It, it brings--you know, the Nazis movies. My husband likes to see them, not me.

Oh, I see.

Not me. It just, I just no...

You're not talking about regular movies?

No, no.


I have absolutely no, no hang-ups. Absolutely nothing. I am a happy-go-lucky person. I have my father's uh, uh, nature. I go. I do volunteer work. I do my yard. I play cards. I, I, I come and go for lunches. You know, I just live a nice...

Yeah, yeah. What are your plans and hopes for your future and your children's future?

I just hope that this will never, not only come into a question. It, it shouldn't even come into a conversation. It shouldn't come into anybody's mind. They should drop that whoever says that what that this should come again. They shouldn't because nobody will go through--I know from, I know that me I would never go through again something like that. I would just kill myself.

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