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Alice Lang Rosen - August 5, 1991


Alice Lang Rosen was born in 1934 in Lambsheim, Germany. Alice and her parents later moved to Mannheim, Germany to open a textile store. During Krystallnacht, Alice's father was taken to Dachau for a short time before being returned home. In 1940, the Gestapo raided their home and took the family on trucks to Gurs, a concentration camp in France. After a year in Gurs, the family was taken to Rivesaltes. At Rivesaltes, Alice's father put her in the care of the a children's aid society to save her. She was eventually sent to stay in a convent in the South of France, before being put into two foster homes with French families. At the end of the war, Alice stayed in a Jewish children's home outside of Paris before her father found her again. She reunited with him in Heidelberg where he remarried. Alice and her new family moved to the United States in 1949.

  1. Introduction
  2. Family
  3. Life Before the War
  4. Life Before the War II
  5. Being Taken by the Gestapo
  6. Life in Gurs
  7. Being Taken by the Gestapo II
  8. Being Transferred to Rivesaltes
  9. Life in Rivesaltes
  10. Being Put into Hiding in France
  11. Being Put into Foster Care
  12. Life in Foster Care
  13. Being Hunted by Nazis
  14. Being Taken to a Jewish Children's Home
  15. Learning to be Jewish Again
  16. Life in the Jewish Children's Home
  17. Learning Father is Alive
  18. Being Reunited with Father
  19. Life in Heidelberg
  20. Meeting Stepmother
  21. Fate of Mother
  22. Father Falls Ill
  23. Sharing Story with Surviving Family
  24. Life with New Family
  25. Relations with German Gentiles After War
  26. Moving to the United States
  27. Life in New York
  28. Moving to Chicago
  29. Moving to Detroit Husband: Tell how you came to Detroit.
  30. Relationship with Parents
  31. Life in Detroit
  32. Meeting Husband
  33. Becoming a Citizen
  34. Getting Married
  35. Sharing Story
  36. Sharing Stories of Catholic Childhood in France
  37. Conclusion

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