Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Alice Lang Rosen - August 5, 1991

Meeting Stepmother


Okay. So uh, when I, um, came back he told me that there was someone he wanted me to meet. And um, I got a great big bouquet of flowers thrust into my arms. My father--from my father was driving a black Mercedes and, you know, in Germany at that time there weren't many cars around and if, and if uh, you saw someone driving a car around you knew they had money or position, which of course by then they had prestige and they had money, you know. And um, so we went and we went to her home, you know, where she, where she lived and I walk in and I see her coming down the stairs. She had on red slacks, and a white blouse and blonde hair--beautiful woman and he introduced me to her. But I wasn't told that he was engaged to her or was going to marry her--that was just her friend and I was told to call her Aunt Paula her name was--to call her Aunt Paula. And then uh, I was introduced to her daughters, Ruth, Ruth and Margo and well, if I was 12, they were about 17, 18. They're five and six years older than me. And uh, of course then later on I was told that they um, they wanted, you know, to get married. My father explained, you know, that she lost her husband in the concentration camp and that my mother wouldn't be coming back and they would, you know, marrying would make a life together, and...

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