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Alice Lang Rosen - August 5, 1991

Moving to Detroit

Husband: Tell how you came to Detroit.

Huh? How did I come to Detroit? I'm coming to that now. Uh, my father-- remember I mentioned my father had a friend that they lived--that came back from the concentration camp with him? Well, he had a father, a brother and sister in Detroit. So, he got married in Germany and with his wife came to Detroit.

What was his name?

Ludwig Moser. Did you ever heard of Ida Storms and Screens years ago? Well his brother was in the storm window business and so when Ludwig came to Detroit, his fa...his brother put him in business.

I see. So he didn't become a furrier because he had done...

No. No, he, he left all this behind when he came here.

Husband: ??? invented windows like that, you know, for new homes...


Husband: ???

Yeah, so he worked--and what he did, he was in touch with my father and he wanted my father to come to Detroit and go into business with him. And this is how we came to move to Detroit. By that time I was seventeen, I had gone one year--I was in my first year of, of high school in, in Chicago. But Chicago was a little ahead of, of Detroit. They already had uh, like ninth grade was already high school then, which did not happen here 'til, 'til years later. So when I came here, they didn't accept the year of high school that I had as a credit. I went to Central High School, and uh, because we lived right there on, on Linwood--we lived on uh, La Salle and Elmhurst, right across from Central High School. We came here, um, and my father's friend got us the apartment, it was a one-bedroom apartment. My sisters stayed in Chicago because Margo was married and Ruth already had a young man then too...

In Chicago.

In Chicago. He--her husband, also he was born in Berlin. ??? his name is--born in Berlin and he and his family ended up in Shanghai during the war. And when they came back from Shanghai, they went to Chicago and at a party or somewhere that's where my sister met him. So, she married in Chicago so they both stayed in Chicago and eventually their jobs took them, you know, to upstate New York. And we came here, and uh, we moved here.

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