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Erna Blitzer Gorman - July 12, 1989


Erna Blitzer GormanErna Blitzer Gorman relates her experiences as a child when she and her family were in Poland at the time of the Nazi invasion and were unable to return to their home in France. After living in various ghettos, they escaped and were hidden for more than two years in a barn by a Ukrainian farmer until the area was liberated by Russian soldiers.

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  1. Family Before the War
  2. Caught Up in the War-1939
  3. Grandfather/Family Life
  4. Father's Hometown
  5. Mother's Family
  6. The Ukraine Before the German Occupation
  7. German Invasion
  8. Raids and Being in a Bunker
  9. Uncle
  10. Ghetto
  11. Playing
  12. Typhoid
  13. Leaving the Ghetto
  14. Hiding in Ukrainian Farm
  15. Hiding in a Barn
  16. Daily Activities
  17. Illness
  18. Still in Hiding
  19. Barn-The Second Year
  20. Life in the Barn
  21. Guilt About Surviving
  22. Physical Conditions
  23. Liberation
  24. Death of Mother
  25. With the Russians
  26. Returning to Metz
  27. Life in Metz
  28. Moving to America
  29. Not Talking About the War Years
  30. Telling her Children
  31. Reasons for Telling Story

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