Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Erna Blitzer Gorman - July 12, 1989

The Ukraine Before the German Occupation

This would have been before the war reached the Ukraine, were there German troops there then?

Well, that I don't remember, I remember right after that, very shortly after that, that there was a lot of fear. A great deal of fear. I'm just trying to give a few things that I remember because I remember one Friday night I just see in my mind my grandmother and the two sisters running about trying to straighten up because it was Friday night and I knew it was Friday night and because Grandfather was coming home from the synagogue. That kind of a feeling I have. But I remember having extreme fear in this household right after that and then I remember for a while we did not go out at all. Everything was totally silent in that room and I remember everybody all of us sort of huddled, I see in my mind only one room there was a bed on it but everybody sort of sitting round that bed and in extreme fear, extreme fear. From then on all I remember is just fear.

This was in Manastitza?

Monastyriska (Erna corrects the pronunciation) it's near Ukraine…somewhere.

So, east of Poland?

I cannot find it on the map, they must have changed the names.

Did you have playmates there?


Your sister and you did not play?


Before the fear?

I don't remember, no, I don't remember, I just remember playing with my grandfather, not with anyone else.

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