Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Erna Blitzer Gorman - July 12, 1989

Caught Up in the War-1939

How did your family and you get caught up in the war?

Well, I think that Metz was a very small town and I am not sure that my father was very aware of what was going on in Europe and his sister was getting married and he decided that we should all go to his sisters wedding and we did and I don't remember a train ride, but I know that we went to Poland and we were never able to return.

When approximately was this?

I think it was in 1939.

In the summer?

Perhaps, yea.

Probably, do you think maybe just before the war?

I am sure of it, I am sure of it, yes.

Where was your aunt getting married, in what city in Poland?

Uh, it was Wisnicz, a small town, near Auschwitz, yes. How far it is, I have no idea.

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