Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Erna Blitzer Gorman - July 12, 1989


Still in the ghetto?

In that ghetto - Yes. I just remember constant hunger there. Then everybody disappeared again, and there were only the four of us left. Everybody disappeared. That uncle several times, as I said before, I apologize I'm being a bit incoherent, several times this uncle covered the top of the hiding place, but once he was shot and he never came back. So I don't know who let us out again or maybe just we pushed ourselves out maybe. But I know that he was shot while he was running away to try and hide himself.

So he would cover the bunker, the cavity with floor boards maybe put some furniture on top and then go and hide?

Or maybe a rug? Yea that's what he used to do. That's what he did, how many times again it's, I see myself going into this place, maybe five times. I just feel this oppression every time I think of it.

Do you dream about it?

I did um, not dream about, I had nightmares until five years ago, nightly nightmares and um, but they've stopped.

While you were in the ghetto, were you confined to the house, did you go outside? Did you go in the street?

Well...I. (pause)

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