Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Sidy Weiss - January 7, 1987


Sidy Weiss was born Radvaň nad Dunajom, Slovakia. When the war began, she and her family were deported to the camps. She spent time in Auschwitz as well as Krakow-Płaszów, where she worked in the quarry. Sidy was eventually sent to Augsburg where she worked in the Keller und Knappich Augsburg (KUKA) factory. After being liberated by the Americans, Sidy stayed in the Feldafing displaced persons camp. Sidy moved to America and was married in 1947.

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  1. Introduction
  2. Life Before the War
  3. Start of War
  4. Being Taken Away from Home
  5. Life in the Camps
  6. Liberation
  7. Sharing Story
  8. Life During the War
  9. Life During the War II
  10. Telling Story
  11. Telling Story II
  12. Conclusion

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