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Sidy Weiss - January 7, 1987

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Okay, go ahead, tell me.

But I, how you call that, I mixed up everything. I was working by uh, how you call that? Turn on, turn on the tape--is on? I was working by a uh, uh, how you call that, in a store where, where there are Arabs and there are Jewish people, and how you call that? And uh, the tape is on right? And uh, I didn't tell them that I am working over there. And I don't know, somehow they, they find out, and they are together with uh, you have Jewish people are coming to buy over there the products, and I am thinking I never told the truth even to the Jewish people.

When was this?

It happened last night the way I noticed with my feelings.

So you--this is now you're working someplace. So you want to tell me now? What the story...

No, no, no, no. I say that I--how, how you call it? That's what happened to me yesterday.


That's what happened to me yesterday.

When you were, when you were sick.

Yeah. But I didn't, how you call it, the day before, I was working two days ago, I was working over there and I'm working for the ???

Oh, I see, I see.

Husband: ???

That's what happened.

It's on again. So this happened last night.

This happened last night, this happened last night. And I don't know what happened, and how you call that? I am going to a doctor, I am going to a doctor, who is taking care of me now for the--how you call it? My emotional problems. The tape is on?

Yeah, do you want me to take it off? I'll take it off...

No, no, it can be on. It's because--how you call it? I, I said the truth, and I--how you call it? I said the truth, and I feel that I wasn't honest with my people. I wasn't honest with my people and I uh, I am Jewish, and uh, this is the story, what I remember.

What didn't you tell them that makes you...

Over there? Then I tell you that what I didn't tell them. I didn't tell them that uh, how you call that? That uh, I am working over there for a couple of days. I am working--is on--it can be on, right? I didn't tell them that it, that it uh, I am working a couple of days and, and I told them that what--how everything happened, and I was telling them that--how you call it? They were--how you call that? The people that are over there--she was nice to me always, and she was telling me her problems, and I was telling her my problems, and we were getting along very well. And I don't know what happened yesterday, I wasn't feeling too good but I was over there and, and uh, they started uh, they did their things and I did my things and, and that's what happened yesterday.

Did you ever tell any of these people you worked with about, about the wars years--what happened to you during the war?

Yes, I told them that--where I was, yes.

I think some of them were also uh, in a camp during the war.

I don't know why, because I don't know that uh, how you call that? The only thing that I remember that I have to--from home that I remember, is that uh, we had a very--how you call it? Nice life over there, until ??? got into power and uh, we lost uh, everything and we left everything and uh, and, and that's what it is and we had a very comfortable life before this system started.

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