Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Sidy Weiss - January 7, 1987


Well, you had lots of experiences at Auschwitz for example. You were there twice. What do you remember about Auschwitz? What happened to you that you remember at Auschwitz?

I tell you, I tell you what happened to me in Auschwitz. I told you.

But you didn't give me any specifics, I meant, um. Did you--were you in a labor gang at Auschwitz? Do you remember what barracks you were in?

No, I don't remember the numbers.

Were you in, were you in a labor gang? Did you work in Auschwitz?


So you just stayed in the barracks and went to the Appell?

I was only--how you call it? The, the first time I was there, for uh, for uh, how you call it? A few days.

Oh, I see. Then they sent you to um, um, Krakow-Płaszów?

Yes, and then, then we went back to Auschwitz.

What happened at Krakow-Płaszów? Where were you working there?

I told you where I was working.

In the airplane factory?

No, no, no, in the...

In the quarry, in the quarry, and that's--for six weeks you worked in the quarry?


Do you remember the commandant of Płaszów? Goeth? Commandant Goeth?


Did you ever see him?

I think so.

But never had any contact with him. Did you ever hear of Schindler, Oskar Schindler?


The factory was gone? Um, does anything stand out in your memory about Płaszów, besides working in the quarry? Coming back, stealing potatoes um, bread, whatever? Or how long were you in Auschwitz the second time? Longer than three days?

Three or four days...

But you...

...for some time. And then they took us again ???

Oh I see. Do you remember the Appell?

Who is that?

The, the roll call? Zahlappell? When they made you stand on the--in the roll call place, the Appellplatz? At Auschwitz? Do you remember those? Um, was your sister with you all the time?


Through the whole he whole thing?


Did they know she was your sister?


Um, you went back home after the war? You went back to your town. What happened when you went back?

We didn't find anybody.

So, how long did you stay there?

My sister got married in December 1945 and then after that in 1947, [pause] 1947...

You got married.

I got married, and she left to Israel, and I remained over there, and then I came over here.

Straight to Detroit? Do you have family here?

I came to New York.

Did you live in New York first?

No, no, just for a few days.

And your husband had family?


I see. And you have two children.


What do they do?

My daughter is working at Beaumont Hospital and my son is working at Solex.

You're very proud of them?

Yeah. Okay.

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