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Ruth Muschkies Webber - February 2, 1987


Ruth Webber was about 5 years old when the war started. Her family was first moved into the Ostrowiec ghetto and then lived in the following camps; Bodzechow, Sandomierz, Starachowice, Austrovietz, Annopol and finally Auschwitz. Her mother survived the war but her father died on the last transport out of Auschwitz. Ruth was in the children's block of Auschwitz when it was liberated by the Russians on Jan. 27, 1945.

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  1. Introduction
  2. German Invasion
  3. Sister
  4. Family
  5. German Occupation
  6. Work Camp at Bodzechów
  7. Children
  8. Hiding in Camp
  9. Fantasizing
  10. Separation from Father
  11. Starachowice
  12. Conditions in Starachowice
  13. Sandomierz
  14. Return to Bodzechów
  15. Reminders
  16. Transport to Auschwitz
  17. Arrival at Auschwitz
  18. Conditions in Auschwitz
  19. Illness
  20. The Kinderblock
  21. Separation from Mother
  22. Liberation
  23. The Russians
  24. Krakow
  25. Reunited with Mother
  26. Immigration to Canada
  27. Father's Death
  28. Reflections on Experience

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