Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Ruth Muschkies Webber - February 2, 1987


Could you tell me your name please and where you were born?

My name is Ruth Muschkies Webber and I was born in Ostrowiec, Poland.

During the war, where were you? What different places? Well, first I was in the ghetto in Ostrowiec and then we were in Bodzechów, Sandomierz, Starachowice, Ostrowiec camp, Annopol and finally Auschwitz.

And you were liberated right in Auschwitz?

Yes, I was liberated in Auschwitz.

Were you alone all that time?

No, fortunately I was with my mother.

How old were you when you were liberated in Auschwitz?

I was liberated in Auschwitz, I was um, about nine, nine-and-a-half years old.

Nine years old?


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