Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Ruth Muschkies Webber - February 2, 1987


Did anyone in your family, you were seven, mother, father or sister sit down with you and try to explain to you what was going on around you?

No. No. The only thing they sat down with me once and they tried to talk me into also to go to a Gentile family and live with them until all this uneasiness is over. They tried to point out to me that my sister went and that she's happy where she is and that in a very short time they'll be back and pick me up and everything will be the same as it was. But, I guess, being the baby, I just didn't want to leave home and they couldn't persuade me and unless I wanted to cooperate I was endangering too many people's lives I guess. I didn't go. That was the only time I remember them trying to tell me something.

You said you had an aunt and uncle who moved in with you?


Did you have other aunts and uncles?

Well my mother's side of the family there was an aunt and there were two uncles that lived with my grandparents still two doors down. My father had a sister in Łódź with a family and this brother in uh, Warsaw and then I believe he had another sister and family...None of them survived.

None of them?

None. No. None of them survived.

You were five when the war began?


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