Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Ruth Muschkies Webber - February 2, 1987

Hiding in Camp

Which animals?

I don't know if they were rats or mice. I really don't know but they were rodents. To me they seemed awfully large when I think of it now. But it was just these little games that I always played to pass the time, not to move, not to say anything. One of the times when a truck pulled in and we were told to start hiding, I hid in a hole where they stored potatoes; myself and two other children, and then the potatoes were thrown on top of us. And we stayed there until they loaded up the trucks. In fact at that time, that cousin of mine that I was telling you about and his wife were shipped out and we never heard of them. We stayed in that hole, and then all the people were on the trucks I guess by then, the German in charge of the camp came to that hole where we were lying, somebody must have pointed it out that there were children still there, and he told us to get out. He pulled out the gun, he says, "Raus, raus!" So we came out, and he looked at us and he said, "Stay here another few minutes, the trucks are almost ready to leave," and walked away.

It was an SS man?

It was an SS man.


I don't know. I don't know why he did it.

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