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Sally Tuchklaper - March 2, 1983


Sally Tuchklaper was born in Radom, Poland. After the war began, Sally and her family were moved in to the Radom ghetto and forced to work in factories for the Germans. From the ghetto, she was taken to Blizyn to sew uniforms. Next Sally was taken to Auschwitz, where she stayed for 8 months, and then to a camp in Czechoslovakia where she was liberated. After the war she stayed in the Munich Displaced Persons camp where she met and married her husband. Together they moved to Montreal before finally settling in Detroit.

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  1. Interview
  2. Life Before the War
  3. Planning to Move to Israel
  4. Start of War
  5. Work in the Ghetto
  6. Life in the Ghetto
  7. Being Taken to Work Camp
  8. Life in Blizyn
  9. Being Taken to Auschwitz
  10. Life in Auschwitz
  11. Being Transported from Auschwitz
  12. Liberation
  13. Returning to Radom
  14. Fate of Family
  15. Life in Displaced Persons Camp
  16. Moving to Montreal
  17. Life in Canada and the United States
  18. Conclusion

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