Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Sally Tuchklaper - March 2, 1983

Fate of Family

During this two or three day period of time were you able to get any information at all about any members of your family?

No, nothing. But after I left I moved to a different town, where they don't know me, with my sister. And I met some close friends, and we went together and that happened to be in a city called Czestochowa. There we rented a room and went in and I went to the Red Cross and I gave them information to find just my sister and my brother. And after a week, maybe two weeks, I think they called me and they said they located a young lady by this and this name in Sweden, and that happens to be my sister.

Then you knew at that time that there were two members...

Two sisters.

Two, two sisters who were...

One I was with while I was ???

One you were with and...

That's the other one. We were never more than two sisters. And uh, and then, you know, people used to come home from the camps. I was asking for my brother and they told me that, that he dropped dead two weeks before the war ended. They were--when the Germans knew that the war is ending they start--my brother was in Dachau--they start to take them out in the camp--working from one camp to another and he couldn't walk no more that on the road, on the road from Dachau, someplace else wherever they take them, that he dropped dead. He was seventeen-years-old.

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