Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Sally Tuchklaper - March 2, 1983

Returning to Radom

How long was it before you decided where to go?

I think after two days we had to leave--two or three days we had to leave. So we went to the train, went in the train and we drive around, but the bridges were all broken up, we could not pass it. So I think I was four weeks on the train. And I was going wherever the train was going. Switching around about a dozen places--Yugoslavia, Budapest and after four weeks or five weeks we had to sleep in--stay overnight in, in some train stations because we couldn't pass through. We had to walk across. And after four weeks I wind up in my hometown in Radom.

What did you do for food during this four weeks traveling?

We just--wherever we stopped, we just picked up whatever we can. We didn't have no money, we didn't have anything, but some of the Germans gave us.

As you traveled did you come in contact with people who were willing to help you?

Yeah, yeah. After the war, yeah.

What was it like to arrive in Radom?

Terrible. But I said the only thing that I'm going to arrive in my hometown I'll find out who is left. But I stay--didn't stay long. I stayed a few days. They were killing us again.

What happened?

There were the--was, was an underground organization that they didn't want us there. And they were killers--killing again the Jews down there.

Right in Radom?

Right in Radom. And after three days I ran away with my sister. I met some, I met some friends and they came too and I ran away again.

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