Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Sally Tuchklaper - March 2, 1983

Planning to Move to Israel

Did, did you have any plans for your future after your education?

Yes, yes. My father was left to--was in Israel a few times. He left to go--we were planning to go to Israel the whole time.

How did you feel about that, about going to Israel?

I was excited. I was excited, you know, 'cause uh, in Europe it's different. If your father said we're going, we were going. No child would go against and say, "I don't want to go, I want to stay here." If your father comes and says, "We're gonna move to Israel," we would go.

What about your parents? How did they feel about leaving all these relatives in Radom?

Uh, my, my grandfather--my father's father--was very objective about it. He didn't want my father to go very much but he sacrifices because my father loved Israel very much. He was three times prior to the war in Israel. And his love was for Israel very much.

Was your father active in uh, any political organizations?

It's not political ??? organization like uh, Zionist organization but not much. You know, just to go out and join with his friends, you know.

Did he have any friends or even some relatives already living in Israel?

Yes we did have. Yeah. We had.

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