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Felicia Shloss - February 9, 1983


Felicia Shloss was born in Piotrkow, Poland. Felicia and her family moved to Łódź when she was a teenager. When the war started, she and her family were forced in the ghetto, where her parents and brother eventually died. After the ghetto's liquidation, Felicia and her remaining two siblings were taken to Auschwitz. From there, Felicia and her sister were taken to Bergen-Belsen and then Salzwedel, where they worked in an ammunition factory. After being liberated in Salzwedel, she married and moved to the United States.

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  1. Introduction
  2. Life Before the War
  3. Religion and Anti-Semitism
  4. Jewish Life Before the War
  5. Start of the War
  6. Life in Łódź Under German Occupation
  7. Moving in to the Ghetto
  8. Fate of Family
  9. Life in the Ghetto
  10. Work in the Ghetto
  11. Gesperre
  12. Leaving the Ghetto
  13. Being Taken to Auschwitz
  14. Arriving at Auschwitz
  15. Life at Auschwitz
  16. Bergen-Belsen
  17. Salzwedel
  18. Sister Becomes Ill
  19. Liberation
  20. Life After the War
  21. Moving to the United States
  22. Conclusion

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