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Felicia Shloss - February 9, 1983


Could you tell me your name please? And where you're from?

I'm Felicia Shloss. I was born in Poland, in the--I lived through the ghetto.

What, what city were you born in?

I am from um, I was born in Piotrkow. And we lived there for--until I was thirteen or fourteen we moved to Łódź.

What was your maiden name?


Just tell me um, uh, briefly, where you were during the war years.

I--during the war years, I was in Łódź. The minute--September the first until Au...August 1944. It could have been the beginning of August they took us to Auschwitz.

And from Auschwitz?

To Salzwedel. Oh, I beg your pardon, from Auschwitz to Bergen-Belsen. We were there for about four, five weeks. We didn't do anything. And from there a German--he must have been a doctor, he took us out to work. He picked the, the strong girls and uh, I was there with my youngest sister, and she wasn't so strong, but fortunately he didn't notice and he was sending over stronger girls, and we knew that if you're strong you're going to work.

This was in Salzwedel?

This was in Bergen-Belsen.

He sent you to work in Bergen-Belsen?

No. From Bergen-Belsen to Salz...


...Salzwedel. He selected us in Bergen-Belsen. My sister had uh, a sore ??? I believe. She, she couldn't have gone to the doctor. He wouldn't uh, let her go. So we were sitting there and he forgot her, I guess--about us. Even there made errors and that was our plus, because we are here, thanks to his error.

And from Salzwedel?

In Salzwedel we were nine months. We worked in ammunition factory. And we were liberated there, by American troops.

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