Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Felicia Shloss - February 9, 1983

Life After the War

Then Americans opened the German stores.

Yes, then we--they took us down, because we didn't have any clothes, any shoes anything. So they knocked off the German stores, and they gave us clothes, and sweaters and uh, they...

What did you take?

I took for myself, for my sister and for my brother two pullovers--three pullovers and things. And I kept it for a long time that I'm gonna give it to him, but I never, I never saw him. I gave away somebody else. You, you keep holding onto things and he didn't come, so I didn't--I gave it away.

What happened next?

Next uh, we were still there. They uh, the other, they came to us, we all went to doc...to hospitals to doctors to be checked, to be X-rayed, to look at us. And they gave us food, we had a very good uh, I don't know who was over--must have been a captain. He had a high--and he uh, he gave us, he ask us, what we want, we had uh, milk and rice and raisins. For weeks we ate that, he was afraid that we gonna get, get sick. He was a very nice--must have been--I don't remember his name, but I...

Did you think of going back to Łódź ?

Uh, that was a hard decision to make. We wanted, we wanted to see, but in my mind I always had that we gonna go to my uncle. I didn't...

In South America?

Yeah to South America, to my uncle. And we wanted because it was an exchange in territory that Salzwedel--the Russians took over. After the Americans the English took over. They weren't so nice to us as the Americans. And uh, then the Russians came and they ask us if we want to go home, to our--wherever somebody was born--to our hometown. And we did receive some news that uh, they killed kids when they came back. It was that Home Army, Armia Krajowa--they killed. And in my mind I want to see my brother. Because he told me, "Write to, write to the uncle," the last words that I heard from him. So I kept that in my mind just to uh, keep in touch with my uncle and to--maybe we'll get together with my brother and my parents.

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