Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Felicia Shloss - February 9, 1983

Fate of Family

What about your family in uh, Piotrkow?

I--we couldn't get in touch with them because they counted Łódź as das Dritte Reich.

Third Reich.

The Third Reich, and the others were the Protectorates so I guess they were under Warsaw or something. And for the whole time I didn't hear anything of them. Only after the war I found out what happened to the rest of our family.

What happened--you had an aunt in Piotrkow.

My uh, father's aunt, she was a very well-to-do lady and she had a big bakery, she had a big house and everything. Somehow from her work she got um, we call it a kolia--a necklace with diamonds worth millions of millions of dollars. And uh, also the Germans came and they ask her to come with them to--a Jewish policeman told me that later, he was in the room. And she spoke very beautifully German and she said, "Where am I going?" she asked. She was very a proud woman, I guess, she was a rich woman. She lived her whole life as a decent, and a proud and a rich lady so she wants to know where she's going. And he uh, just took out this pistol and killed her. And I believe anything that she had on fall in their hands--German hands.

And the rest of the family you don't know?

We don't know, because they were, they were going to you know to cemeteries and from cemeteries they did with what the people whatever they want.

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