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Rita Rosenzweig - March 24, 1983


Rita Rosenzweig was born in Sûre, Belgium, and was raised in Liège. She was an only child who went into hiding with the Maréchal family as a teenager after her mother and aunt were in arrested in July of 1943 and her father was sent to Buchenwald. When Madam Maréchal's son joined the Belgian underground, Rosenzweig moved to Wagram and joined as well. While serving as a partisan, she assisted in transporting ammunition by bike. Rosenzweig, her husband, and her son moved to the United States in 1952. She bore another son and eventually received a pension from the Belgian government for her service in the resistance movement.

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  1. Introduction
  2. Life in Liège
  3. War Begins
  4. Arrests and Hiding
  5. Joining the Underground
  6. Immediate Post-War Emotions
  7. Fate of Grandparents and Extended Family
  8. Grieving for Parents
  9. Fear of Germans During War
  10. Children in the Underground
  11. Coming to the United States
  12. Talking to Children About Experience
  13. Feelings About the Holocaust and Germany
  14. Newspaper Interview
  15. Recognition for Role in Underground and Conclusion

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