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Rita Rosenzweig - March 24, 1983

Newspaper Interview

Yeah. Can we talk for a moment about the papers that um, you wanted to show me?


Can you explain for the purposes of the interview...

You mean these papers?


This was an article that was written by uh, I think it was uh, a writer, you know, his name is John Connelly. He used to write the East Side Shelter at the time. I don't know if the paper is still out. But anyway, it was about a brotherhood--it must have been a brotherhood week--and he wrote the article about the people where I was hiding, and they took a picture, and it explained uh, you know, what they took here, a little Jewish girl and they were hiding her and uh, more or less the whole story and about the underground and everything and their names and everything and there's a picture of um, my husband and my son and myself.

Were you interviewed for that article?

Uh, yeah. The man came--of course, you know, we were just here about a year or so um, even though our English was not bad, but I guess maybe at the time I really didn't realize exactly what, what he was doing until my son just brought these back from California. He made copy, I guess. Gladys must have kept the uh, the paper. And so it explains everything, you know, about when I went to them after they picked up my mother, my parents and uh, when they went in the underground, and Miss--Madam Maréchal and their name and everything, so it was a very, very well read article. Very well read. You know, I mean written.

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