Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Rita Rosenzweig - March 24, 1983

Children in the Underground

Were any of the uh, young girls that you worked with, with the ammunition ever captured?

No. Mm-mm, no. Well, they were young and they lived at home. See, there was no reason for them. A lot of people lived at home from the underground. So they had no reason, really, to go in hiding, you know. And being girls, they really never even thought about hiding--I don't think the Germans realized that the young--they would--you know, young girls they were using the young girls. This is why they wanted the young girls to carry the ammunition from one place to the other.

Was the underground unit that you worked for or with involved in placing children in homes?

No. No, no they were strictly blowing up uh, and they were just there to damage. I don't think they had anything to do um, with hiding Jewish people. They might have. They were also uh, like--you know, this--the people were always hiding. He was taking flyers, you know, on, on the road, falling out of the plane, he would--being that he spoke English, they would come and get him and he would find places for them to um, to hide, which the underground did; they would find, you know, place for, you know, the flyers that would fall down. They might have had some Jewish people. I'm sure they must've had some Jewish people, and uh, but you know everything was such a--hush-hush--nobody trusted anyone, you just were not allowed to talk. This is one of the thing they told you: "Whatever you do, don't say anything."So, it was very--when even asked a friend of yours, "Are you in the underground"or "What are you doing", you wouldn't even dare! You know, because you never knew first of all who was listening, and who was with the Germans, or whatever, you know. So everything was very... mouth shut. I mean it was tight. I mean it was a tight lid. It was uh, you know, they told me right away, "Whatever you do, keep your mouth shut."So this is how it went.

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