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Stefa (Sarah) Sprecher Kupfer - July 24, 1987


Stefa Kupfer was ten years old and living in Sanok, Poland when the war started. Her father was killed in the early days of the occupation. Stefa, her mother and young sister went into hiding instead of registering with the occupational government. Mrs. Orlewska, a Polish woman, played a significant role in their survival by hiding them in her house. They were also aided by other Poles, some of whom knew they were Jews.

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  1. Pre-war Life and Family
  2. Religious Life
  3. Relations with Non-Jews
  4. Outbreak of War
  5. Death of Father
  6. First Deportations
  7. Rationing
  8. Polish Police
  9. Hiding in Krosno
  10. Mrs. Olefska
  11. Hiding in Attic
  12. Hiding in Basement
  13. Renting a Room
  14. Polish Farmer
  15. Forced to Leave
  16. Receiving Help
  17. Back to Krosno
  18. Russian Retreat
  19. The Professor
  20. Liberation
  21. Fate of Family
  22. Activities While in Hiding
  23. Thoughts on Mrs. Olefska
  24. Thoughts About Others
  25. The Russians
  26. Thoughts on Experience
  27. Reactions

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