Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Stefa (Sarah) Sprecher Kupfer - July 24, 1987

Mrs. Olefska

Her name?

Mrs. Orlewska. She lived in her house with her brother and so we went to the attic room where we stayed for a while. But then, this distant relative that has moved to the apartment kept saying to Mrs. Orlewska, "you know, you have this attic room upstairs, why don't you rent it out, you know, you could get some money for it." And she kept giving her different excuses...not the right party came, not the right person, this and that. Finally, she couldn't anymore, she was under too much pressure, because everything was very suspicious, if you didn't do it just right, you probably are doing something wrong, you are probably helping somebody, you probably are having a Jew or something.

So, they suspected?

I don't know if they suspected so much as she thought that they suspected. You know. And, so she said okay, I am going to rent out this room. Oh yea, this woman said, you know I have the perfect person for you a young student, and you know, and he will come to sleep only. So, she rented out the room. So we went a little bit to the attic first, and then it was impossible because it was just too close and then she took us into the basement.

She kept you there?

She kept us again. It was on a month-to-month and a week-to-week basis, but she kept keeping us.

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