Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Stefa (Sarah) Sprecher Kupfer - July 24, 1987

Forced to Leave

How long did you stay at this woman's house?

I don't remember exactly how long, but after a while, she really had enough. She said you have to leave. Just like that, I want the house for myself. Whatever her reasons were, I don't know. Maybe she wasn't so terribly convinced, she just wanted us out. And Momma talked to Mrs. Orlewska about it and she said, we have to leave, what are we going to do? So Mrs. Orlewska said you are going to go to Wietzbicki. So we left the woman's house, went to Mrs. Orlewska, we slept over night in her bed, she rented us a sled with a driver, it was winter time, and we went to Wierzbicki's village. We went on a Sunday morning, hoping that the roads would be quiet, it was Sunday, which it was quiet, when we drove into the village, we drove in, exactly the time when church let out and all the Polish people came out of the church and saw three Jewish ladies, three Jewish faces, they couldn't see much, we were little bundled up, but nevertheless, they saw nice white pale faces, and everybody says, a ha, Jewish woman are going to Wierzbicki, they knew immediately that we are going to Wierzbicki.

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