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Stefa (Sarah) Sprecher Kupfer - July 24, 1987

Pre-war Life and Family

Could you tell me your name please?

My name is Sarah Kupfer, but to everyone that knows me, I'm Stefa.

What was your maiden name?

My maiden name is Sprecher.

Where were you born?

I was born in Sanok, Poland.

Can you tell me something about life in Sanok before the war, your family, what it was like in your town?

Well, it was a very Jewish town. My grandfather had a long beard and peyes and my uncle was wearing a streimel, my father was going to shul and Shabbat was observed and you mean life at home?

Well, how about your family. You could start with them.

Well, I lost a sister when she was two years old. So I was an only child until I was nine, then my other sister was born.

So there are your parents and your sister and you. Grandparents in the town?

I had grandparents on my mother's side, they lived not far away.

Any aunts and uncles?

Aunts and uncles, cousins.

About how many would you say?

About sixty, maybe 70 people just in the town. My father was one of seven and my mother was one of four, she had two sisters and a brother and everybody was married with children.

Where was your father's family, also in Sanok?

My father's brothers and sisters did not live in Sanok, they lived all over Poland. One brother lived in Belgium, one brother lived in France, the other members lived in other cities.

So it would be more than 70 relatives?

Oh, all together, of course, yes.

Do you know how many survived the war?

Altogether, I should have made account, um, probably ten or twelve of the whole family.

What did your father do before the war?

My father owned a hardware store. That was a well-established store from way, way back. It was one of the largest, he was a businessman.

You said it was a very Jewish town. Did you go to public school?

I went to public school, and in the afternoon, I went to Hebrew school. But a little bit until the war started.

So you were busy?

I was busy.

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