Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Franka Charlupski - June 18, 1985


Franka Charlupski was born in 1920 and lived with her family in Łódź, Poland. The Weintraubs were in the Łódź ghetto from 1940 until August 1944 when they were transported to Auschwitz and separated. Her mother died in Auschwitz and her father died in a labor camp. Franka and her sister spent three days in Auschwitz before being moved to a labor camp outside of Bremen, Germany. On April 7, 1945 this camp was closed and the inmates were moved to Bergen-Belsen where they were liberated by the British Army on April 15.

  1. Family
  2. The Łódź Ghetto
  3. Life in the Ghetto
  4. Start of the Deportations
  5. Life in Łódź Before the War
  6. Religious Life in the Ghetto
  7. The Family is Deported
  8. Auschwitz
  9. Knowledge of Gas Chambers
  10. Liberation
  11. Thoughts on Survival

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