Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Eugene Feldman - July 15, 1991


Do you think some people have resentments toward the religious...

I think they died before because of their religious beliefs. They're so strongly believed in that that they wouldn't even think of picking up a, a weapon, arms.

Was your faith shaken by any of this?

I wasn't that religious. It's funny, I come from a very, very religious and I was in shul everyday and everything else, but I was there because dad said so. Not that I wanted to do it. I don't know why I wasn't religious. My brother neither. My sister is a little more. But again, none of us are except dad. Would I be any more religious if I was in Europe? I don't know. Maybe I would be the outcast. I don't know. But uh, I was ready to fight in the partisans and I was barely--the biggest problem I think is weapon. You couldn't get weapon. Where are you going to get a weapon? There's no way. See here you've got guns all over the wo...all over the country. Down there in the village, if one had a gun, I doubt it. I never saw one. I never saw one. When I was a kid I never saw a gun. That's why I say, the kids that came to, after us, the school, the kid who went to school with me, I'm sure they didn't have a gun. That's why they would have all died. Maybe we would die too, but they would die too. Because I know we were better equipped than they were.

When you came--well, when you had made friends in the United States, you got married...

Well, we made friends mostly with our own kind.

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