Special Collections

In addition to collecting and preserving Holocaust survivor interviews, the Voice/Vision Archive has created several special collections that compliment or utilize the interviews in our collection.


The Erwin and Riva Baker Memorial Collection

The Erwin and Riva Baker Memorial Collection was established in 2005 by Steven Gershman in honor of Erwin and Riva Baker. The collection contains 275 Holocaust related titles, including reference books, monographs, journal subscriptions and film titles.

The Henry and Mala Dorfman Endowment

Established in 2005 to support the archive's efforts to collect, preserve and make available Holocaust survivor interviews, the Dorfman Endowment helps offset the cost of operating the archive and in purchasing new material for the archive's collection.

The Linda Fredin/Cavelero Mid-High Digital Children's Book Collection

A digital collection of illustrated children's books created by Linda Fredin's language arts students from Cavelero Mid-High (Lake Stevens, WA) in 2009 and 2010. The books are based on survivor interviews the students found on the Voice/Vision website.

Nicholas Winton and "The Power of Good": Interviews with the Winton Children

Sponsored by the Gelman Education Foundation of Ann Arbor and conducted by Dr. Sidney Bolkosky, the 12 interviews contained in this collection are a unique resource for anyone interested in the Winton story and the topic of children in exile during the Holocaust.


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