Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Eugene Feldman - July 15, 1991

Return to Germany

Do you know where it was?

It was Feldafing, I think.


Feldafing. It was a big camp. That's the only one that survived, I mean, that was still there. They closed up all the camps and everybody go--I remember I was with my uniform. I wouldn't take my uniform off. I was proud of my uniform. And I was walking down the streets. All of a sudden I, I hear somebody yelling my name. That was like really shook me up. A friend of mine. He, he recognized me in my uniform too. But I guess he, he should because I guess it was only a year and a half or two years that uh, I was there.

And he was still in Feldafing

He was, what it looks like he went to Israel. He couldn't take it. The heat he said is inbearable. And he had TB, what did he have, TB or something. At that time you couldn't come to United States if you had TB. I felt real, real terrible. But there's nothing I could do about it. That's when I felt real good being an American soldier because I could go right back and they were stuck there. So I found a few more people that I knew. We went to the shul. It was uh, a very interesting and educational.

Did you have any emotional reaction to being in Germany?

I had very, very big emotions, very--I felt very strongly about it. The camps, the way it is down there. I felt very bad that they gave back to the Germans--the, the--my camp. I felt very, very bad. It's just like nothing happened you know. Back--everything is going back to normal. And of course, like I say, the camps, I felt real bad about the people that there. Obviously they couldn't go. They had a problem leaving--going someplace. Like with my friend. I don't know what happened to those people. But it's funny, I--first thing I did is go back to Germany. But it was changed. When I was there, right after the war, everything was destroyed. When I got back from the States--what it is, two years later or two and a half years later, I couldn't recognize it. Half of it was rebuilt, stores are open, you could buy anything you want in the stores. Yeah.

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