Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Eugene Feldman - July 15, 1991


In Munich it was the Germans, I mean the Ru...uh, Americans.



So when you got to, when you got to Munich.

The first thing I wanted to see is a Schwarze. A girl. [laughs]


That was my curiosity.

Again, the camp you stayed in outside of Munich.

Yeah, that was Friemann.

Now, so that's where the Americans were.

Oh yes. The Americans... What it was, it wasn't a regular camp like other camps, 'cause most of the camps had like barracks. This was little individual homes, tiny homes, they had two families, one side and the other side. They had belonged to the SS. It was a picturesque little to...little, little village. Like a picture. Beautiful little homes. SS homes. Because there was an SS Kaserne, what they call--I don't know if you know what SS caserne, it's where the SS were.

Yeah sure.

The army SS. It was a barracks and fortifications about a mile away. So they lived there. So the Americans kicked 'em all out and they put us in there. And then we were under jurisdiction of the ORT. Not the ORT.


ORT was a school, school...


I went to the school back in the ORT. They are from uh, Jewish, I don't know...

It was... [interruption in interview]

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