Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Eugene Feldman - July 15, 1991

Fate of Family

Did your parents um, wonder about the rest of their family?

That's, that's the puzzle again. I, I don't know. I don't understand that at all. They never seem to have thought about it or... Of course, after the war they were talking about it. But how did anybody die, what... Nothing. They didn't talk about those things. Either they didn't want to, I mean, they felt guilty about those things. They didn't want to talk about it. Or just a bad, bad memory. They didn't want to bring it up. I don't know.

Did they find out about any of 'em?

They don't know anything what happened to anybody.

About any of the relatives at all?

They what?

They don't anything about any of their relatives at all? Brothers.

They don't have anybody that survived. Well, let's see. Oh. Well, my mother's sister, she's got two sisters in fact. One is here, but she survived in Russia. Like the people were going through our village, they went to Russia. So she was in Russia. She had no problem. Another one, other sister's in Israel now. Or she's been, she's been there thirty, forty years. I don't know where, I'll--I think she was in Russia too.

Did they lose anybody in Auschwitz or Treblinka? Do they know that?

Not from our area. Our area did not have anything to do with concentration camp.

No one was shipped from your area?

No White Russia or Ukraine had, had, as far as I know has concentration camps. I never--from our area I never saw anybody in a concentration--coming from a concentration camp. Strictly ghetto. And they killed 'em there.

The Einsatzgruppen.

Like in our case.

So you think that probably most of the family was shot.

Oh yeah, oh yes. No question about that. They probably didn't have an...transportation. There's trains, where we come from, there's not that many trains. I'm sure they, they didn't have enough transportation.

Now, so you were in Friemann, which is--was--what--under the jurisdiction of the Americans.




The Russians?


'Cause the Americans were...

That's White Russia.

Americans were in...

Nowhere did we see Americans. I--the Americans didn't, they are in Germany, that's all. The American...

But you were in Munich, you said.

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