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Regina Cohen - April 18, 1982

Starting a Family

How did you meet your husband?

I met my husband on the ship crossing the ocean.



He was coming to Montreal?

He was traveling--he was going to England. It was a British ship, the ??? and he was going--he was in, Le Havre France, and they got on the same ship. Him and some friends, and he was going to England. And I think they were coming first to--going to Quebec--had some relative in Quebec. And we came as far as Montreal, and we just got to know each other, exchanged addresses, corresponded for two and a half years. And then he emigrated to Canada and he looked me up.

Oh how lovely.

Isn't that romantic?

Mm-hm. And you married in Canada?

And I got married in Canada in 1951. And I came to the States--we both came into the States, uh, in 1952--six months, seven months pregnant.

Oh, your child was born in America then.


How many children do you have?

I have two. Daughter who's going to be thirty in July and my son is going to be twenty-eight in July.

Oh, how nice. You have grandchildren too?

I have got two grandchildren, two little boys. And, uh...

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