Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Regina Cohen - April 18, 1982

Education after the War

Where did you get money from? Where did people get the money to pay these...

I did--wait a minute, did we get some, some--any kind of cash? No. Uh, we had some money from home, from Chust...


Yes, and we brought it with us, whatever there was. I, personally, had no money. I was taking--studying German and English with this uh, lady and I would give her some food supply from my own.


N...n...nothing, you know, some uh, cereals, some beans, some potatoes, or whatever. I needed to know that I'll be able to, to get out in the world and just be able to speak to somebody. I actually learned to read and to write. I didn't speak the language too well because you have to translate from a written to a conversation, which is quite hard to do.

That's right.

But um, that's--and then uh, the people really didn't have money. The only thing they had is--of course, there was black market going on too. Don't ask me again, I'm not involved there. I have--my ties on those deals didn't--I sort of pushed those times through as if uh, make those years go away because I'm looking forward to something else and I don't want to stay there, uh...

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