Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Regina Cohen - April 18, 1982

Post-War Anti-Semitism

Did you encounter anti-Semitism at that time too in Germany?

Of course, but more hidden. I mean, we knew what--we didn't need them--they were a little bit more uh, subdued. They were very glad to come to work for you if you gave 'em just some food, uh. Funny thing Jews, as much as they suffered, they don't carry a hatred as much as they should have. They got--they were very uh, uh...


...forgiving and helpful when it came to giving and helping the other. It...it's strange.

What do you mean?

Whether our suffering made us learn. Uh, we had a, a--German people where they would come in, do sometimes cleaning up or babysit. Never stopped to think that "She was German--shouldn't give her no food. Look what they did to you." She got--she got food and she got money.

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