Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Regina Cohen - April 18, 1982

Job in Camp II



Did you ever find anything sorting the clothing?

No uh, yeah--sorry. I found in a small, a, a, a cracker, or a biscuit they called it at the time, the biggest diamond you ever want to have, but I bit into it and I threw it down and was upset because it was to no value. And if you had it, where were you going to put it? And me as a young child, really a child, who was it gonna be worth--we were actually cut off from the total world. Uh, probably there were women that had uh, been there for years. Had uh, other contacts, whether a workman might have been coming in or know of somebody might have been able to eat all these foods, but not to my knowledge. Uh...

If you found food there, you ate it. In other words you grabbed it and ate it.

If you found food, you ate it. But there was no way of finding food. The food, the only food that was in there is what was brought in, inside our camp. Uh, in the evening we would have another uh, line-up, zahlappell. Same thing again. You would get a, a soup or you would get an order of bread.

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