Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Regina Cohen - April 18, 1982

Description of Camp II


...you're fenced off again. You can go from that end to this end, but not always--only when permission is given. You're allowed uh, to go to the latrine or for water uh, in designated times because everybody cannot be there at the same time. So each barrack had to have a, a uh, uh, supervisor that would allow their group to go out now and as soon as that group came back, the other group went out. And so it was divided because water was scarce, time was just--we were, we were actually given to do specific things at--and du...you know, so many minutes apart. Uh, they would take groups of girls to work by the kitchen, say uh, peeling potatoes, okay. Other girls they were taken out, out of the camp to uh, this is camp C, uh, going out the gate, crossing the main road down a, a little farther was another camp called B camp. Um, on, the thing likely went alphabetically. And uh, we would be taken from different areas to do uh, like I said, digging ditches, hauling stones, doing something at um, rail um, what do you call it uh, tracks where uh, smashed some ??? distorted by it's nothing. Uh, uh, or they would take us at times to um, when they brought in new transports, the places were called uh, in Birkenau where they called Kanada II--bring stuff back or sor...or work there for a few hours in the sorting.

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