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Shari Weiss - April 17, 1985


Shari Weiss was born in Harina, a small village in Romania. When she was eight or nine, Shari went to live with an aunt and uncle in Cluj where she stayed until 1944 when the Germans occupied Hungary. In May 1944 they were transported to Auschwitz after staying at a transit camp in a brick factory for three weeks. Shari describes her life at Auschwitz where she and her aunt stayed for about five months before they were taken to a labor camp in Altenburg, Germany. She worked in a factory until April 1945 when the inmates were marched out of the camp. Shari and her aunt were liberated by the American army two days later. Shari's uncle did not survive the war.

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  1. Introduction
  2. Harina
  3. Cluj
  4. Hungarian Occupation
  5. Brick Factory
  6. Deportation
  7. Arrival at Auschwitz
  8. Auschwitz
  9. Mengele
  10. Uncle in Auschwitz
  11. Selections
  12. Working in Factory
  13. 1945
  14. Liberation
  15. End of the War

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