Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Shari Weiss - April 17, 1985


Approximately how many people were in your village totally? Any idea?

It's a very hard question 'cause I don't know, I was a child of uh eight or nine when I left there so we didn't pay any attention to numbers I mean we were uh...

Do you recall anything about uh--did you live together with non-Jews?

Well, we had neighbors,

Were the two separated?

No, uh-uh, we had neighbors across the street who were non-Jews. I mean on both sides of our own house there were Jewish people, but across the street and, I mean, we were scattered all over to the village. I mean, it wasn't a concentrated group of Jews and a concentrated group of Christians. I mean, we were intermingled really.

Did you have non-Jewish friends, do you recall, as a child there?

When a family is as numerous as ours is, was, I should say , I don't even know if we had a need for any outside friends, not only that, but we had cousins and people living so closely in the same courtyards that we didn't need to have any other friends. I mean, I know our parents had more contacts with other people, but we were pretty much uh together you know just the family; the children in our own family plus the neighbors' children that we were close friends with as I recall, I mean, uh...

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