Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Shari Weiss - April 17, 1985

Brick Factory

And that was a brick factory of some sort?

It was a brick factory of some sort that didn't give us any shelter, there were no walls just a roof. And the way we improvised on that is that we put sheets and blankets so that we had some privacy from our neighbors. You know we were all herded together.

There were no outside walls to this structure?

No. No.

What about the flooring?

The flooring was dirt. I mean we put our sheets and blankets on the dirt and this is how we slept.

And used sheets as partitions?


Were you provided food--did you bring food from your home that lasted you any period of time?

No, everybody was on their own as far as the food was concerned. There was some kind of a water system set up so we could have water. But as far as facilities for bathing or uh, there was none. I mean we did as best as we could at night when nobody was around. I mean it was nothing. I mean this was our first taste of what it meant to have cultured German people come into a country.

Do you recall the date or the approximate date that you arrived in the brick factory?

This was May 5th and we stayed for approximately three weeks there and then they took us to Auschwitz.

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